Steve Franks wrote:

Pretty much vanilla install as per the handbook.  Had to change from
smbpasswd to tdbpasswd to get it working, but that's the only non-standard
operation I did.

Title says it all.  Thought it might be a permissions problem, but I can
walk the whole tree when logged on to the freebsd box locally, so my user
has acess to the whole share.  When I map it remotely  (same subnet, no
firewalls) from my XP box, I can see the share, but all the folders show up
as zero byte files instead of folders.



I had a similar problem. I was sharing an entire ntfs partition to copy stuff to a windows box. Viewing the share from the windows box would give those 0 byte files *UNLESS* I had recently done an ls in that directory on the local machine (or an ssh shell). I was able to solve this by changing the mount point permissions to 777, and hence every file in the ntfs partition. I'm not particularly happy with this solution and feel there's something I'm missing, but it might be a start.

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