On Saturday 20 January 2007 20:15, Joshua Lewis wrote:
> Hello list,
> After many days of hard work, a lot of caffeine and not nearly enough
> sleep I have a working asterisk PBX for my home.
> I have it working on a PIII 800 with 512MB of RAM and two 5GB drives
> in a Raid1 config. While this system should suffice I would like to
> streamline the system a little.
> I installed a lot of unnecessary applications during sysisntall. Is
> there a way to figure out what software I don't need. I did a
> pkg_info | wc -l and found that I have 63 apps installed. I know I
> don't need a bunch of these but I am afraid to delete random
> packages. After having a non working phone for two weeks my wife
> would kill me if I messed it all up again.
> Any ways I know I don't need xorg any more. I installed it so I could
> use gastman to try and get my Asterisk config working faster.  I
> never wound up using gastman so now I need to remove it and xorg. But
> there are a bunch of fonts and docs and things.
> Is it possible to remove any packages I have not used for X amount of
> days?
> Is there some way to figure out what apps I don't need installed
> anymore?
> Are there any other ways to streamline a system?
> I removed everything from rc.conf except the basics. Hostname,
> defualtrouter, ifconfig, keyrate, linux_enable, saver, sshd, asterisk.
> Here is what I have installed.
> [snipped]
> Sincerely,
> Joshua Lewis

all of my systems, whether desktops or servers, i start with the minimal 
install.  from there, i use the ports collection to buildout anything i need.  
i know this is probably the long way around for most cases, but i feel in the 
end, there is nothing on there that i didnt deliberately put on there.

next time up, try a minimal install, and then just cd right into the directory 
of the port that will define your system.  when you 'make install clean', it 
should process just the dependencies that your PBX needs.

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