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One of the reasons I jumped into trying a kernel configuration/compile is that I have been noticing performance issues with STABLE.

(if you are reading and want to skip the following explanatory verbiage the questions are: how do I profile applications to figure out where the performance bottleneck is? and can these be addressed by compiling a custom kernel?)

=>explanatory verbiage

I'm running 6.2 on an old but not ancient Dell laptop, PIII 1000MHz, which now has seven operating systems on it. I have noticed recently that the graphics-heavy planetarium program Stellarium -- which runs great on my Debian GNU/Linux system -- barely creaks along on FreeBSD and is basically unusable.

This is NOT FreeBSD bashing ... it's more that I feel as though 1) something may have changed since I last used the system much and/or 2) I am doing something stupid. I am actually accustomed to FreeBSD being lighter and faster than the Linuxes, so it especially surprised me.

In my quest to get my ports up to speed I have noticed some gugundous compilation times, too ... when I had FreeBSD running on a certifiably ancient Pentium laptop I got used to letting make buildworld run overnight ... but at the moment I am looking at the make of gfortran some hours after I kicked it off.

So ... I would like to know how to profile applications (like Stellarium) to see where the bottlenecks are and then know more about how to fix them. Is it generally accepted that a custom kernel with all the fat trimmed will help?

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