It's easy to write a shell script that dumps/mails the output of
several "status" commands (eg, "df -k", "crontab -l", "ps -aux -www",
"top -n -d 1 infinity", "w -d", "mailq -v", "netstat -a", "vmstat",
etc) every hour, but I'm wondering if I'm re-inventing the wheel.

Is there a FreeBSD command that reports "system status", either an
existing shell script that does the above, or something that talks to
the kernel at a lower level and reports all relevant values?

I know about /etc/periodic/*/*status*, but this seems both excessive
in places (I don't really need rejected email info, for example) and
incomplete (I don't think it gives me all the information the commands
above do).

I also know about mrtg, but that seems more geared toward graphing
and storing historical information and seems limited as well.

I realize this question is ambiguous. I guess what I'm really asking
is: is there a FreeBSD tool *designed* to report system status on a
regular basis, that I could use as the basis of an hourly reporting
system, even if I had to add/tweak some stuff myself.

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