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Andrew Gould wrote:
> The MacMini mounts the drive as soon as it sees it, and deletes the device as 
> soon as I unmount it; so I can't test it that way.  When I try to mount it 
> while 
> it's mounted, I get:
>      mount_msdos /dev/disk1s1: resource busy
> When I "get_info" on the drive, it reports a DOS_16 partition with a 
> MS_DOS_12 file system.

I didn't mean to mount the drive, just to see what the mount options
were (that can be found via strictly the "mount" command). However, the
"get_info" portion that you provided gave me the information that mount
could have provided, most likely.

> I successfully mounted a DOS floppy on my FreeBSD system to ensure that 
> mount_msdos was working properly.

Ok. Do you have MSDOSFS_LARGE compiled in the kernel?

- -Garrett
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Adding MSDOSFS_LARGE to the kernel didn't help.

I mounted the voice recorder successfully on Suse Enterprise Desktop 10.  
Upon mounting, however, the following 10 lines similar to the one below (only 
the number is changed) are 
added to dmesg:

     Buffer I/O error on device sda1, logical block 255884

This did not prevent Suse from mounting and reading the flash drive.

I don't feel comfortable using FreeBSD or Linux to reformat the device because 
when I have the drive do the reformatting, it also creates several files.


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