Garrett Cooper writes:

>       One good reason I can think of is to partition (not the tech
>  definition but the traditional definition, "to divide")
>  filesystems such that if one person fills up "/", it won't cause
>  a program that needs to write to "/var" or "/tmp" problems, which
>  in the case of "/var" can bring down entire systems and
>  infrastructures (happened before where I was working as IT when a
>  CUPS server ran out of space on /var).
>       Other than that.. not really sure. Maybe some of the older
>  guard on the list know why.

        N) Dump - the preferred beckup method - works at the partition
level.  Sure, you can flag files and directories  "nodump" using
chflags ... but do you really want to manage that given modern
disk sizes?

                                        Robert Huff
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