Hello all,

every once in a while i have a machine (6.1) that out of the blue, sometimes after days, some after 6 months, looses Ethernet Connectivity. My Machines just run some Service, and have no Keyboard / Mouse or Monitor. When the Machine goes down, eg, i am unable to ping it from another Machine on the Network, even restarting the machine using "reboot" will not fix the Problem. The only way to fix it is to login as root, and issue a "ifconfig vr0 down && ifconfig vr0 up". Then a dmesg Message appears : "vr0: Using force reset command.", and after that i can successfully ping the machine again. I have had this Problem on different machines with different Network Cards, on different Ethernet Cables, and with FreeBSD Versions 5.5 until 6.1.

Can anyone please help me to understand and possibly even fix this Problem?

Thanks a lot,
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