Haven't dealt with splash screens on the console (I prefer to watch all the 
gory dmesg output scroll by), but I just changed my console resolution on a 
4.7-STABLE box (built about 2 months ago) a few days ago.  I can't say for 
sure whether the following instructions will work on a 5.0 box, however...

I ran "man vidcontrol", and found that it looks like the highest resolution 
you can achieve is 800x600, with a font size of 8x8 at 132x60 chars 
on-screen.  I found that the 800x600 res uses a "box" centered on the screen 
in which my text was displayed -- that is, there's a lot of unused black 
space around my console, so I use "VESA_132x50" instead (see #2 below) 
instead of "VESA_800x600" to eliminate the wasted screen space.

After messing around with putting my own startup script in 
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/, I found that, IIRC, all I needed to do was to (in this 
order, of course):

1) Prior to doing #2, load the VESA driver ("kldload vesa").  This can be done 
with this line in /boot/loader.conf:


2) Put this option in /etc/rc.conf:

allscreens_flags="-f 8x8 /usr/share/syscons/fonts/iso-8x8.fnt VESA_132x50"

...which will set the ISO 8x8 font and as default across all consoles, using 
the "vidcontrol" command.  Of course, you can use other fonts (as long as 
they are 8x8) if you prefer.

3) Reboot to reinit the rc.conf file's new settings

And assuming I haven't forgotten anything, that's it!

Before doing any of the above though, I *highly* reccommend trying out the 
different resolutions and fonts using the "vidcontrol" command on 1 console 
until you find a combination you like -- *then* put the vidcontrol option 
string in for the allscreens_flags="" statement above.  That way, you don't 
change 1 setting and either A) it doesn't work or B) you find out you don't 
like it, and in either case, you wind up rebooting over and over again...  
You don't have to reboot to change your console resolution at all...


On Thursday 16 January 2003 08:52 pm, Dilshod wrote:
> Hello there,
>     I'm kind of new to FreeBSD, in terms of the structure the OS. I've
> installed FreeBSD 5.0 RC 3 before I had version 4.7. I install the OS to
> explore and learn about it, so far I love it.
>     Here is my question: How can I change the resolution of the consol ?
> By default it's set to 640x480. I've read there is a way to display a
> splash image at higher resolution, but I'm not sure if it will stay
> afterwards. Basically I want to set the consol resolution at 1024 or
> higher, like I once had done in a Slackware Linux installation.
> Thanks,
> DT.
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