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My experience with ghoscscript device 'gdi' is that even patched it
generates a correct data only for 600 dpi resolution. With -r300' option
printer makes pages with large horizontal black and grey stripes.
Does somebody use Samsung laser printer and ghostscript device 'gdi' for
printing to it?

I have a Lexmark E210, which is basically a rebranded Samsung ML-1210. I
print to it using Cups and the foomatic scripts/filters and haven't had any
problems. I know it uses gs with the gdi device on the back end. I just
printed a test page at 300 dpi and it looks fine.

I have Samsung ML-1210 exactly, foomatic-filters-3.0.2_4,
Try to print from ghostscript examples with 300 dpi. For
'foomatic-rip --ppd <path to gdi ppd> -o Resolution=300x300dpi -o
PageSize=A4 /usr/local/share/ghostscript/7.07/examples/ >
Is page printed well? For me isn't, only ugly stripes.
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