I am trying to test the clone harddrive to boot up the
system. I got an error 

init: can't exec getty '/usr/libexec/getty' for port

but I check the clone harddive. the file is there 
/usr/libexec/getty and /dev/tty.

i am using the following to copy the production drive
to clone drive

1/ add the secondary ad2 (clone) in the computer
2/ fdisk and parition as same as the primary drive
3/ newfs and mount ad2 eg: /usr1 /var1  ....
4/ using tar command to copy file from /var/ to /var1
eg:  tar cf - var | ( cd var1; tar xvfBp - )
5/ shutdown the computer
6/ unplug ad0 and plug the IDE1 to IDE0
7/ boot up

Thank you for your help

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