B. Cook wrote:
I'm inheriting an older network and I'm trying to update it..

cvsup to 6_2..

Doing a build kernel && install kernel

then reboot and build world && install world && mergemaster -p if needed

then rebuild the kernel and reinstall it..


I couldn't see anything major in UPDATING.. am I missing something?
First, you should update your system to RELENG_5_5. Then probably you can try to update to RELENG_6_2. It is always good to update to the latest minor before you update to a different major version.

By the way, updating a system from 5 to 6 is a headache. (Updating from 4 to 5 is much easier.) Many will suggest (including me) to install your new 6.2 system from binaries, and then transfer your programs and users, if possible.



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