Andrew Fremantle wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm looking at building a few new general-purpose servers in the near
> future. I'd like to use Intel Core 2 Duo processors in these machines.

Nothing wrong with that...

> I'm currently evaluating a machine with a looks-good-on-paper
> motherboard, the Intel DG965OT. However, I have come across two major
> problems with this board.

A desktop board? ?

Those usually have top-of-the-line devices (SATA, Net, sound) which are
not widely supported, or even stable.

I've seen (and sometimes built) several Intel Xeon 51xx systems that
work without problem with server boards.

> 2) Can anyone suggest a well supported board with gigabit lan, onboard
> video, and PCIe expansion, that accepts Core2 Duo CPUs?

If you're willing to pay for it, server boards will suit you better. For
example something like this:

> Also, the amd64 documentation states support for Athlon64s, Opterons,
> certain Xeons, and EMT64 capable Pentium 4s, Pentium Ds, and Celerons.
> Will it not run on Core 2s or is this a shortcoming in the
> documentation? I though the Core 2s were 64-bit capable.

The server version of Core 2, aka Xeon 51xx, works fine in both 32-bit
and 64-bit mode.

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