I boot the system by manually loading the kernel. I have used the upgrade
procedure at least 20 times with no problems. Can anyone suggest a route to
go that would redo the upgrade ??


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> In <021201c2bdba$19a55eb0$0801a8c0@dman>, Doron Shmaryahu
> This sequence
> >       make buildworld;
> >         make buildkernel KERNCONF=KERNEL
> >         make installkernel KERNCONF=KERNEL
> >  mergemaster -p
> >         make installworld
> >         mergemaster
> >         reboot
> leaves out the very important step of doing a reboot between the make
> installkernel and the make installworld. You've just found out
> why. Your new kernel isn't booting for some reason. If you had found
> that out before doing the installworld, backing out the kernel would
> be trivial and you'd have your old system back to work on the problems
> presented by the new kernel.
> The one thing that isn't clear from your messages is what the kernels
> you have rebuilt are doing. If they are going to "btx halted", then
> try building a kernel with debugging built in, and follow the steps in
> the writeup on freebsd.org for debugging kernel problems with kdb.
> If your new kernels are booting fine but ps and top are failing, then
> you're managing to boot without going through the full boot loader
> sequence, as that loads the kernel module and sets some symbols. I
> don't think this is the case, but if it is, how are you booting the
> system?
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