On 1/23/07, Zhang Weiwu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hello. I tried various ways to stop the laptop screen from being
shutting down, as I use this screen to watch debug message of an
application I am working on, I need monitor always on, no screensaver,
no blank, no dpms etc.

I cannot do it. I have tried:
     1. set blanktime to "NO" in /etc/rc.conf
     2. set saver to "NO" in /etc/rc.conf
     3. start X server and run a terminal in it, run xset -dpms
     4. check laptop BIOS setting (there is no setting for automatic
        blank time

I have not tried:
     I. remove 'apm' from kernel (I didn't compile ACPI into kernel
        because this is an old notebook I am not sure if ACPI works, but
        I have compiled apm in kernel, which is not shown in dmesg and
        doesn't seem to work, e.g. 'shutdown -p' do not turn off the
    II. install Windows on the same computer to see if Windows can keep
        the monitor on.
   III. boot the system to FreeDOS and see if monitor keep turned up (to
        decide if LCD is turned off by hardware or software)

Any suggestions?

Try playing a movie with mplayer, it keeps the display
on by default, I'm not sure how, but if it can than
there's a way.
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