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> 'If it says:
> [drm] drmSetBusid failed (7, PCI:1:0:0), Permission denied
> people have said that it's because the modules were built with a
> different gcc version than the kernel. Make sure they are in sync.
> Also, dmesg output should show something about version magic
> mismatches if this is the case. Another possibility (for the
> i915/i810 chipsets) is that you have an old buggy version of the i810
> driver. Be sure to upgrade to the latest and "greatest".'
> Maybe it will help.
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First: you cut & pasted a solution for Linux!!!

Are you sure you know what you advice???

Second: I never said anything about the intel-chipset! I have a 

Did you really read my mail?

With regards
Stevan Tiefert

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