On Tuesday 23 January 2007 14:52, VH-Brody wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I've downloaded multiple copies (from different FTP servers),
> 6.2-RELEASE-ia64 and it seems like this particular image doesn't want to
> boot up in my system. The i386 and amd64 distro's bootup just fine, but
> obviously don't work because system architecture is 64bit Intel. I'm out of
> ideas and I've ruled out the system as at fault.
If amd64 "boots up just fine", how is it that "it obviously doesn't work"? 
"64-bit Intel is ambiguous"; do you mean "Itanium" (also known as IA64) or 
"EMT64"? "EMT64" and amd64 are (almost) identical: the "amd64" moniker is 
used for both (a) because amd invented it; and (b) to avoid confusion with 

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