Hello guys, once again.

Many thanks to the previous responders to my question 'Customizing the
console - Changing the resolution'. Their answers were exactly what I
was looking for. 

I am tempted to ask you, readers of this news-group,  a question again,
but I promise I'll try not overwhelm you with my questions.  I needed to
ask you because I didn't want to reinvent the wheel.

Here is my question: Is there any way to uninstall a set of applications
(the application that are interrelated through dependencies)? The reason
I need to do that is because I've installed Gnome 1.4 on a clean OS, but
soon I realized I wanted Gnome 2. In the process of installing Gnome 1.4
pkg_add has installed many additional software that were needed for
Gnome 1.4. If I want to uninstall Gnome 1.4, pkg_delete would leave the
rest on my machine which I definitely don't need them, and will have
problem I if I were to install Gnome 2.0. 

Thanks again, 


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