Hello All,

I'm trying to install FreeBSD on a system consisting of an Ampro Littleboard 486 with 32 Mb ram, a built-in Adaptec 6360 SCSI controller, an 18.2 Gb Quantum Atlas III SCSI drive (50 pin narrow), a 256 Mb IDE flash drive containing MS-DOS, and an IDE CD drive. I want FreeBSD to take over the entire SCSI drive. The SCSI drive has been low-level formatted using the software that came with the Ampro for the Adaptec controller. I'm trying to install FreeBSD 6.1 using three floppies (boot, kernel 1, kernel 2) and CD's containing the rest of the system.

Here is the problem. After booting with the floppies and getting to the point where I'm supposed to select the drive for FreeBSD, the install program doesn't see the SCSI drive. It does see the IDE flash drive. The odd thing is that under MS-DOS, the fdisk program finds the SCSI drive and allows me to partition it, at least a 230 Mb piece of it. I can format this piece for DOS and copy files to it, so the drive does seem to be working. I have the BIOS configured to see the SCSI as the second hard drive in the system. According to the documentation with the Ampro, the BIOS can supposedly handle drives of this size or larger.

Thanks for any help!

John R.
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