Zbigniew Szalbot wrote:
>>> etching updates signature...
>>> fetch: http://update.daemonology.net/i386/6.2/updates.sig: Not Found
>>> Error fetching updates
>> What's the exact command you ran?  What does `uname -r` say?
> I must have set up something long ago because until your email I was sure
> it was part of the OS functionality (the email came from Charlie Root).

Ah, I see what's going on now.  You had FreeBSD Update installed from the
ports tree, and then you upgraded the system to FreeBSD 6.2.

As you say, FreeBSD Update is now part of the FreeBSD base system; so you
can uninstall the port (pkg_delete freebsd-update-\*).

> I am ashamed but I do not recall typing any commands. Have inspected
> crontab but not seeing any entries there either.

Have you looked in /var/cron/tabs/root ?

Colin Percival
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