Christian Walther wrote:
Hi Felix,

On 23/01/07, felix.schalck <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I'm trying to get a WLAN pcmcia card working on freebsd 6.2. Kernel with
cardbus support compiled fine, but when the card is inserted, i get:

Status is 0x30000086
Status is 0x30000820
cbb0: card inserted: event=0x00000000, state=30000820
cbb0: cbb_power: 3V
cbb0: cbb_power: 0V

Dmesg shows:

cbb0: <ENE CB1410 PCI-CardBus Bridge> at device 7.0 on pci2
cbb0: Found memory at e0202000
cbb0: Secondary bus is 2
cardbus0: <CardBus bus> on cbb0
pccard0: <16-bit PCCard bus> on cbb0

Any ideas ? What are my possibilities/chances to get it work ?

Please provide some more information about your system. Is this a
laptop, or are you using a PCMCIA- to PCI-Adapter with a desktop
system? What model is your laptop or desktop system?
Did you load the appropriate driver for your WLAN card, or is it
compiled into the kernel?
Thank you very much for your help;
You're absolutely right: sorry for the poor infos:
Card is an orinoco gold 8470 wd with the *theoretically* supported atheros chipset. Drivers ath_hal is compiled into kernel:
Perhaps I'shoud try it with separate kernel-module ?

#Atheros chipset support
device          ath
device          ath_hal
device          ath_rate_sample

# wireless options
device          wlan_wep
device          wlan_ccmp
device          wlan_tkip
device          wlan_xauth
device          wlan_acl

pciconf -l shows:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:0:0: class=0x060000 card=0x01201558 chip=0x35808086 rev=0x02 hdr=0x00 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:0:1: class=0x088000 card=0x01201558 chip=0x35848086 rev=0x02 hdr=0x00 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:0:3: class=0x088000 card=0x01201558 chip=0x35858086 rev=0x02 hdr=0x00 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:2:0: class=0x030000 card=0x01201558 chip=0x35828086 rev=0x02 hdr=0x00 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:2:1: class=0x038000 card=0x01201558 chip=0x35828086 rev=0x02 hdr=0x00 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:29:0: class=0x0c0300 card=0x01201558 chip=0x24c28086 rev=0x03 hdr=0x00 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:29:1: class=0x0c0300 card=0x01201558 chip=0x24c48086 rev=0x03 hdr=0x00 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:29:2: class=0x0c0300 card=0x01201558 chip=0x24c78086 rev=0x03 hdr=0x00 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:29:7: class=0x0c0320 card=0x01201558 chip=0x24cd8086 rev=0x03 hdr=0x00 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:30:0: class=0x060400 card=0x00000000 chip=0x24488086 rev=0x83 hdr=0x01 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:31:0: class=0x060100 card=0x00000000 chip=0x24cc8086 rev=0x03 hdr=0x00 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:31:1: class=0x01018a card=0x01201558 chip=0x24ca8086 rev=0x03 hdr=0x00 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:31:3: class=0x0c0500 card=0x01201558 chip=0x24c38086 rev=0x03 hdr=0x00 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:31:5: class=0x040100 card=0x01201558 chip=0x24c58086 rev=0x03 hdr=0x00 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:31:6: class=0x070300 card=0x01201558 chip=0x24c68086 rev=0x03 hdr=0x00 [EMAIL PROTECTED]:6:0: class=0x020000 card=0x01201558 chip=0x813910ec rev=0x10 hdr=0x00

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:7:0: class=0x060700 card=0x01201558 chip=0x14101524 rev=0x01 hdr=0x02

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:8:0: class=0x028000 card=0x27028086 chip=0x42208086 rev=0x05 hdr=0x00

So, do you think the problem is due to the cardbus, or to the inserted card ?

Thanks again for your help,

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