Grzegorz Pluta wrote:
Id like to asj you guys if you used any remote desktops with freebsd? Which
client/server would you recommend, and why? Witch wich desktop env have you
been using it?

I use Xorg & XFCE4 on my FreeBSD desktop(s). For remote desktop connections:

FreeBSD -> FreeBSD: ssh with X11 forwarding (-X or -Y options, see manpage).

FreeBSD -> Windows: rdesktop (/usr/ports/net/rdesktop). Works beautifully for work. Can't recall which, but some games don't seem to like it.

Windows -> FreeBSD: freeXer and PuTTY with X11 forwarding enabled. Kind of interesting to have my FreeBSD desktop apps on my wife's lappy at the breakfast table ;-). With this setup, Windows actually is the "window manager" --- kinda disconcerting at first glance :-D

Kevin Kinsey

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