This question drew exactly zero responses on another forum, so I try the
experts here:

By using Firefox and Thunderbird on both Windows and FreeBSD I have
noticed that line-spacing is slightly denser on Windows. Lines are one
or two pixels taller on FreeBSD, which probably means that leading is

Now, leading as part of line-spacing can be turned on and off in X by
setting minspace to false or true, respectively. This can be done in
~/.fonts.conf or by including minspace in commands like this one:

    xterm -fa monospace-11:minspace=true

My problem is, this does not work. Initially, I suspected that GTK might
have something to with it. However, when I installed 6.2-RELEASE - which
I did from scratch - I took care to run the test above with only base
and X, and it still did not work. Whatever the reason, Xorg itself seems
to be responsible.

Anyone know more about this? And, whether in X or GTK, is there a way to
control line-spacing?  It looks like Gnome adjusts some parameter that
has to do with the vertical spacing of icons (in the folder and thread
panes of Thunderbird.)  I suppose this and other parameters could be
adjusted in my ~/.gtkrc-2.0 if only I knew what they are called.

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