Warren Head wrote:

I am trying to get write access on a nfs share.
As far as I can tell by reading around, this should be the syntax in the
exports file:

/maptoshare    machinetoshareto(rw)

When I -HUP mountd though, it tells me that the line in the exports file is
So I change it into this:
/maptoshare    machinetoshareto

and then all is fine. I can mount it as well, but I don't have writing
access, only reading.

How should I specify the (rw) part?

You don't need to specify "rw" as such --- it is the default, which is why you get an error message when you attempt to do so.

See exports(5) for more information about the configuration file. You don't say much about whom should have access, and to what, but I suspect you want to either use "-maproot=user" or "-public" or ? ....

Disclaimer: IANAE.

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