On Fri, Jan 17, 2003 at 03:23:54AM -0500, Peter Leftwich wrote:
> I just upgraded from 4.6.2 to 4.7 after accidentally, yes, as root, wiping
> out my /usr/local/bin/ folder with an "rm -rf" (I thought I was in
> /somemounteddrive/usr/local/bin/ and was removing unneeded stuff)!
> I also removed /usr/local/lib/ by accident and now "startx" and lots of
> different "pkg_add -rf package" commands are giving me errors about
> expecting different libraries.  Is there a way to manually install these?
> Please help, you're my only hope! =)  Yours, faithfully as root right now,

I assume from the desperate nature of this plea that you don't have
good backups of all the stuff you accidentally deleted.

Hmmm...  Do you have portupgrade installed?  Does it still work?

If not, try re-installing it from packages from one of the ftp sites.
You'll also need the packages it depends on:

    % pkg_info -r portupgrade\*
    Information for portupgrade-20021216:
    Depends on:
    Dependency: ruby-1.6.8
    Dependency: ruby-shim-ruby18-1.8.0.p1
    Dependency: ruby-bdb1-0.1.8

Then make sure your ports tree is up to date, and you've rebuilt the
indexes and fixed up the package dependencies:

    # portsdb -Uu
    # pkgdb -Fv

and then use portupgrade to force a reinstall of all previously
installed packages:

    # portinstall -rRiaf

This should work through all installed packages in dependency order,
prompting you each time if you want to de-install and then re-install
the package.  If you'ld prefer to install pre-compiled packages rather
than compile from ports, add 'P' to that list of flags.



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