With the EOL of FreeBSD 4.X coming close, I'm in the process of upgrading to 6.2. According to

"Probably the most straightforward approach is that of ``backup everything, reformat, reinstall, and restore user data''."

However, things are not that simple, because a system typically has many configured files, other than user data. I'm currently setting up a new 6.2 system on a VMWare host trying to mirror the existing system.

After a clean installation of 6.2, I also installed ports and some CPAN modules. I then configured the apache configuration files, the sendmail local host file, the named masters and configuration file, /etc/inetd.conf, /etc/rc.conf, and the imap certificates. Just before the switchoover, I'll also also need to copy the users parts of /etc/passwd* and /etc/group, the mail aliases, the httpd logs, the user mailboxes in /var/mail, and, of course, /home.

However, I have an uneasy feeling I may miss copying/adjusting some files. Although I've documented the changes I made to the original system from 2002 onward, the documentation is a 1000-line file and I can't be sure it is 100% complete or that I will spot all required changes.

Is there a checklist or a procedure for restoring a 4.X system configuration to a system running 6.X? Am I missing any obvious files or directories I should copy over?

Diomidis Spinellis - http://www.spinellis.gr
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