Vince schreef:
so not sure where you got that from.

Hi Vince,

Well, I got that from numerous man pages through google. One of the first ten results of 'man exports' was even a link to But, now I see on the server that the man page there really is different. A difference then between linux and bsd I guess.
Shoudl be rw by default. who doesnt have writing access?
Should it be? Well, it isn't right now. My own user account under ubuntu doesn't have write access by default, nor does root.
 are the unix
permissions on both sides correct,
I'm not using nis (yet), so perhaps that is what is needed here? I never used nfs before, if that wasn't totally obvious. :-) The exports syntax shown in the local man page is helping me out. The options are all working, -mapall is usefull, but what I really want is the 'rw by default' bit. So that each user can create files and get their own uid:gid accordingly.
If NIS is the answer here, I would not be surprised. Could it be?

Thanks, Warren
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