Jeff Royle wrote:
Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
Hey all.

In trying to tweak my firewall setup I'm using a file called /etc/ipfw.rules

However, it seems even though I copy my rules perfectly to that file, the system freezes up and locks me out when I do:

ipfw -f flush; ipfw /etc/ipfw.rules

I've also tried doing it as

ipfw -f flush && ipfw /etc/ipfw.rules

But to no avail.

if it matters, ipfw is loaded as a kernel module, not compiled in.



I haven't used IPFW in a while but if I recall right IPFW has a default policy of drop. So when you flush the ruleset your pass rules are all gone.

You could run the command like: ipfw -f flush && ipfw /etc/ipfw.rules

That should allow you flush and load your ruleset. You may also want to look into changing the default policy to accept. However this may require you to adjust your rules depending on how you wrote them.



Opps I am sorry, I got pulled away while reading your original email, guess I didn't finish reading it. I see you are trying &&.

You still may want to look into a default policy of accept for IPFW, this way its a non issue.

Sorry for the wasted bandwidth! :)


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