Recently, Doron Shmaryahu wrote:

> This time there were no errors but when the
> machine rebooted it just says btx halted and a whole lot of other stuff. It
> sits there and does not boot.

If it's not the kernel, then let me give it a try. I can think
of one (1) way of BTX being loaded but panicking. If BTX is
not entirely in the area accessible by BIOS (~8G on my old one),
and the BIOS lies to the boot0 loader that it has loaded it (while
it hasn't) then BTX will be half-loaded and will panic as soon as
it reaches the not loaded code.

It is `perfectly' possible to have a kernel be loadable but not BTX
(i have such a monster). I have obsereved the same situation when
trying to get BTX loaded using packet interface to the disk.
You could try using boot0cfg(8) with "-o nopacket".

>>      Use of the `packet' option may cause `boot0' to fail,
>>      depending on the nature of BIOS support.

By the way, your old 4.5 system could be `immune' to this as f.e. my
4.4-R doesn't absolutely require BTX to run properly. And yes,
when you interrupt your boot, BTX is skipped.

Could it be just a broken BTX binary?

Good luck,

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