> Yes.  Starting with just login authentication, then eventually, if I can
> figure out how, for web page authentication.  I saw that RSA has an
> addon for Apache, but you have to buy their $5000 server to support it.
> But logins are the first priority.
> Thanks,
> --Brian
> are you looking to use the fob's (lcd number generator) for login
> authentication?
> > Hi all.  I've searched in the archives and found nothing on this newer
> > then 2001...so any help would be appreciated.  I'm looking to find a 
> > way to support RSA's SecurIDs on FreeBSD.  There was something 
> > mentioned back in March of 2001 on the topic, but that's all I could 
> > find.  Could someone please tell me if this is possible, and if it is,
> > where to look for more info?
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > --Brian McCann
> > 

Do a google search for pam_securid.  It's a pam module which allows you to use the 
secureid fob for login.

-- dax

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