> On Wednesday 24 January 2007 1:10 pm, kalin mintchev wrote:
>> options screen????!!!  i'd love an option screen....
>> whats the command line option to ignore options??
> What version of FreeBSD are you using?

on that machine 4.10. i know its old but also the ghostscript hasn;t
changed that much since than. as i wrote earlier i don;t need any of the
drivers at all. just need to be able to make a postscript file into png or

> Have you in fact updated your
> entire
> ports tree recently?

do i need to? i did the print ports and graphics too. used the distro 4.10
and the latest one too. also downloaded manually the latest ones and tried
that too. i never get to a gui....  started over many times from scratch -
make clean, new different ports....   i've never had so mutch trouble with
anything before. even the src doesn;t compile....

is there any -d flags i can use to tell make to ignore some of the
optional drivers?


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> Kirk Strauser

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