George Vanev <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

AHA-3985 is SCSI controller. The one I have is SATA.
Yes, I'm sure that it's Adaptec, but what is the model?!
If FreeBSD didn't recognised it during the installation
does that mean that it is incompatible with FreeBSD?

Yes, I understand that AHA-3985 is SCSI HostRAID and that you've SATA one.
But look at the driver for your SATA RAID for Windows. You can find in driver's files both 'SATA'/'Serial ATA' and 'SCSI' words. There is definitely 'AHA3985' string in .sys file for Windows. Maybe it was remade for SATA. Probably FreeBSD hasn't working driver for this SATA HostRAID now.
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