Hi everyone!

I need to buy a server for a medium-sized network. The server will run
FreeBSD but I'm not quite sure wich. It will need to support 500 Mbps upload
and 500 Mbps dowload, perhaps more, and NAT at 50-60 Mbps, firewall,
bandwidth shaping and logging with netflows.
I want to buy a dual-core Xeon at around 3 GHz. Now, I heared that FreeBSD
doesn't support polling along with SMP.
Question is: does FreeBSD support both SMP and polling in version 6.2? And
if yes how good? Or, will the processing power of the dual core make up for
the loss of the polling?
Wich firewall and/or NAT software if more fit for SMP in this case?
Will a single-core Xeon at 3.6 GHz hold up for these demands?

Thanks for you time!
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