Hi all.
I have successfully configured a tunnel from a BSD box to a Cisco router using the gif device to implement the BSD end of the tunnel.
The Cisco Technician doing the far end of the config said that the protocol of choice for the job is GRE (protocol 47 according to /etc/protocols). However, I found that gif is using IPENCAP (protocol 4 according to /etc/protocols). Said technician told me that GRE encrypts the tunneled data, while IPENCAP does not.
So I guess there are really 2 questions:
1) Would it be wiser for me to run a tunnel on GRE than on IPENCAP?
2) Is there a way to tell gif to use GRE as the encapsulation protocol?
I find no reference to GRE in the gif man page.
Patrick O'Reilly.

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