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Have a friend that swears by them, but ... he's in the Linux camp, so tends to have a quasi-inside track ...

What are ppls opinions on them as far as FreeBSD is concerned?

Also, interested in what sort of specs ppl are running ... I'm interested in going with an 8xSAS drive system, dual-dual-core, figuring 10 or 16G of RAM ... redundant power and the Dell Remote Access Card ...

Thanks ...

I will make a general comment about these servers. Dell servers really only rack nicely in Dell Racks. You *can* get them racked in other standard racks but it can be painful. Depending on how many you are purchasing you might want to factor in the Dell Rack cost.

In general I would say the few PowerEdges we use have been rock solid in terms of hardware. Dell does put some effort in this department.

Unfortunately I cannot comment on FreeBSD on these devices, we only have Linux (RedHat and now Gentoo) on the server. One day they will let me on the box :)



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