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        Has anyone gotten the port
/usr/ports/mail/antivirus-milter to work?

        The system in question runs FreeBSD5.4 with sendmail and
bogofilter.  Bogofilter is excellent at helping sort messages in
to spam or other folders if you generate a large wordlist.

        One category of junkmail, however, is not true spam.  It
is more a form of hacking in that it tries to implant viruses
like Johny Appleseed only this guy is Johny weedseed.

        I got antivirus-milter to make and install but it
immediately failed when started:

antivirus[53446]: externalcommand()
failed to execve() /system/av/decullotage/uvscan

Uvscan is McAfee's antivirus product. Did you install it? There's a conf file in the files directory of that port. It defines AVSCANNER as "/usr/local/bin/uvscan". That would require that you have McAfee Antivirus for FreeBSD installed. If this machine handles lots of mail, I wouldn't suggest you use that. Uvscan launches a shell for each time it's called, and it will suck a lot of cpu and memory (based on our extensive comparison testing.)

I would recommend that you install either clamav (security/clamav) or your school's commercial product *if* it has a daemon for FreeBSD. If it's a shell program like McAfee, I would *not* recommend it.

Once you have the av product installed, edit the conf file appropriately and you should be up and running. You'll find the conf file in /usr/local/etc.

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