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> I've tried different hashings. Using example.foo as an example
> (:-)), if I take the first and second letters of the domain and hash
> it like this /var/named/e/x/example.foo I still end up with (in a
> few cases) more than 3000 zones in one directory. If I hash using
> the first+second and third+fourth like this
> /var/named/ex/am/example.com I end up with a lot fewer zones in the
> individual directories, but bind's start up time is much longer.

Well, since the first and second letters don't work well - which makes
sense - how about trying the last and next-to-last? Those should have
a more random distribution.

Also, if you don't have DIRHASH enabled on that file system, you might
consider doing so and then letting the system do the hashing for
you. Personally, I'd be tempted to set up subdirectories even if it
made no difference in performance, just to make it easier for humans
to deal with.

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