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>> Hi there:
>> I see the new flash9 for linux has been included in ports, so I
>> installed it - but how do I enable the plugin in Firefox? Does it work
>> or does it crash?
>> Thanks, Erik
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> I've tried installing this, too. The included readme addresses linux, and 
> there is no indication of what is supposed to be done with libmap.conf, which 
> leaves me in the dark. Has anyone figured this out?
> Thanks,
> Oliver

I grabbed the symbols table for the flash player, but unfortunately I'm
clueless as to determining what the hell the original
linuxplugin-wrapper dev had in mind, so I can't really move on further
than that. I can provide my info though so someone who does have an idea
can proceed on, if necessary.

If you use any sound requiring flash modules, Flash player will make
Firefox ( / Seamonkey?) segfault and core dump; this is true for
linux-firefox with (at least) only the default config. This is because
(like some have mentioned before in previous threads) flash uses ALSA,
which is linux's answer to getting rid of OSS. See:

With that aside, Flash 9 is incredibly unstable with linux emulation.
Flash 9 under Linux worked fine on Gentoo when I ran the beta
version--other than flash animations just being a bit slow.

It's a pain in the ass that Adobe / Macromedia had to invent a
technology that so many "web developers" sought, just because of its
ease of "developing"; if only the "developers" sought to learn CSS and a
bit of proper javascripting, then stuff would be easier for viewing on
all platforms.

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