On Mon, 13 Jan 2003 16:28:28 -0000, Petr Slansky wrote:

>I tried to install FreBSD 4.7 on i486@133 with 16MB of Ram and 200MB disk. W95
>worked nice on that machine. I failed to install a minimal configuration of
>FreeBSD on such hardware!! Is it ok? I wanted only basic console...
>I noticed that many source files (*.h) were instaled to my disk. Is it ok??
>From my point of view, instalation could be more scalable, minimal could be
>more minimal.
>This is not a big problem for me, I will run W95 on my old pc as I did. I was
>only suprised how big modern FreeBSD is. Is it necessary? I like new programs,
>more options, but I would like to have an option to add them only when I need

if you need something that minimal, look for picobsd or minux.  the
smallest hd i've ever used freebsd 4.x on was an 850meg on a 486/133.. 
i'd get a p1-100 with a little more ram.  people throw them away

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