At Sun, 28 Jan 2007 it looks like Jan Henrik Sylvester composed:

> The only usb wlan driver in FreeBSD is ural (Ralink RT2500USB). Also, ndis
> (Windows driver wrapper) does not work for usb devices. Thus, you are out of
> luck.
> (Some people seem to be working on porting rum and zyd from OpenBSD to
> FreeBSD, but that won't help you, either.)

Oh... that is very disappointing.

I have my laptop triple booted with Windows-2000, Knoppix-5.1.1 and
FreeBSD-6.2 and was going to show off FreeBSD's network speed as a
comparison test to show my coworkers that Linux and 2000 is not the only


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"Unix is very simple, but it takes a
genius to understand the simplicity."
         (Dennis Ritchie)

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