On Saturday January 27, 2007 at 09:11:06 (PM) BrendaBPowers wrote:

> I am new to Unix and purchased a copy of FreeBSD 5.2.1 from Fry's to begin 
> learning. FreeBSD is used at my work and I wish to learn the OS myself. 
> Hoping 
> that an integrated package would be easier to install and have all the 
> packages 
> I needed, I bought this version.
> My system is thus:
>        - Compaq Presario with Pentium D
>        - 512 MB ram
>        - 200GB drive
>        - ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 graphics card
>        - NEC 1740CX multisync monitor
> After installation the 'startx' command will not start the GUI KDE. I get an 
> error message ' no screens found'.
> I have tried all the combinations of horizontal-vertical sync that are within 
> the range of my monitor but all fail. I have tried every one of the different 
> resolutions that are within the horizontal-vertical sync range of my monitor 
> but all fail. Here are additional problems:
>        - The XFree86 installer has no entry for the ATI RADEON device
>        - The XFree86 installer has no entry for the NEC 1740CX monitor
> Since I am completely new to Unix I do not know how to send you the log file. 
> I am using a different system to install Unix than my Internet connected 
> system.
> I am sure others have seen problems with the graphics portion of 
> installation. This must be a common problem. I had exactly the same problem 
> installing 
> Suse Linux before trying to use FreeBSD. I found that with Suse, if I 
> installed 
> at the lowest resolution the OS would resolve the problem during the first 
> boot 
> and reset the resolution to the max. size. FreeBSD does not do this.

You might be able to gleam some useful information from this URL:



For AOL (L)Users:  

"RAM Disk" is not an installation procedure.

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