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> Sent: Sunday, January 28, 2007 7:44:41 AM
> Subject: Re: how to enable linux flash player in firefox
> Andreas Davour writes:
> >  Anyway. Can we hope that patch is finding it's way into the main
> >  branch with haste?
>     As I understand it:
>     1) This patch is the "tip of the iceberg" for a much larger
> change,  
>     2) That change will not debut globally until 7.0.
>     3) Unfortunately, a critical piece of the enabling
> infrastructure (www/linuxpluginwrapper) is broken by this and no one
> has stepped forward to fix it.
>                     Robert Huff
> _______________________________________________

I installed gnash, the port related to effort to create an open source 
flash player, including a plugin.  Firefox recognizes it as a plugin; but 
I still get the "missing plugin" message on many flash web pages.

Has anyone else here tried gnash?  If so, what has your experience been?



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