At 11:34 1/28/2007, Andrew Gould, wrote:
>I was given a Dell Dimension m200a yesterday by someone 
>who recently upgraded.  I think it was created around 1997.
>CPU:  Pentium
>RAM: 48MB
>odd:  This PC runs Win95; but has 2 usb ports.  Didn't 
>Win98 predate usb ports?
>When I try to boot up with the FreeBSD 6.2 installation CD, 
>the system tries to boot from the CD; but then reboots before 
>anything messages from the CD appear on the monitor.
>Is there something I can try, or should I just give up?
>I have a hard time throwing functional hardware in the trash.
>Maybe I'm struggling too much with my own mortality; but 
>that's a different discussion.  ;-)

Try these before recycling:

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