I'm trying to get my FreeBSD gateway with PF firewall to only allow acces to my network and internet from a couple computers through MAC filtering. I couldn't realy find out what rules I should use; From the information I found on google I tried something like this but it seems that PF doesn't see the entrie(s) in my mac-table as a mac adres: ( only pasted the related rules ) :

block log

### Only allow WLAN connections from trusted Systems::
table <wlanmacs> persist file "/usr/local/etc/pf/wlanmacs"
pass in  on $wlanif from src <wlanmacs> to any keep state
pass out on $wlanif from any to src <wlanmacs> keep state

with in /usr/local/etc/pf/wlanmacs one Mac adres on each line; example:


As I said it doesn't seem that PF gets that it should treat the entries in the table as mac-adresses. How can I do that ? Or is there a better way to achieve the same result ?


-Frank Staals

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