Oliver Koch schrieb:

is it possible to customize the kernel in the images of the kernel
floppies (kern1.flp, kern2.flp, kern3.flp) for FreeBSD 6.2? I need a
custom kernel with a special kernel option for my bge network interface
(BGE_FAKE_AUTONEG) to get network access on my Intel Blade.

Thanks in advance!

You can modify the existing floppy images. boot.flp contains the first part of the kernel and kern*.flp the further parts.

Build a custom kernel using

  makeoptions MODULES_OVERRIDE=""

in your kernel configuration file.

  # cd /usr/src/sys/i386/conf
  # config YOURKERNEL
  # cd ../compile
  # make cleandepend; make depend
  # make

Take your kernel file and compress it:

  # gzip -9nc kernel > kernel.gz

Now you can use the 'split-file.sh' script from src/release/scripts to split the compressed kernel into parts.

  # /usr/src/release/scripts/split-file.sh kernel.gz destdir 1392 Kernel

You can mount a floppy disk image with the following commands:

  # mdconfig -af boot.flp
  # mount /dev/md45 /mnt

Replace the kernel parts with your own.

I hope this helps. I havn't tested it before. There are other ways that are more elegant.

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