Hello all,

I've been upgrading my FreeBSD system into a fully-fledged desktop

zsh as installed (from the port) seems only to recognize the /etc/zshenv
startup file.  And I needed an stty command to get proper backspace/delete
behavior.  Because only the /etc/zshenv file seemed to be recognized,
I had to put the stty command in it.

The stty command works fine, but unsurprisingly produces an error in my
automated jobs that ssh into the system.  So I tried:

if [ ${TERM} ]
        stty erase "^?"

That didn't work, so I tried:

if [ -n ${TERM} ]
        stty erase "^?"

Someone who actually knows what they're doing will, I'm sure, instantly
recognize the problem with this.  I'm pretty sure TERM is indeed the
variable I should be testing, but that I'm not testing it in the right  

What is the magic way?

David Benfell, LCP
Resume available at http://www.parts-unknown.org/
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