hi all

so i have my gateway/ipfw/natd machine working, protecting a test client box. this 
gateway box is an dell optiplex gx150 pIII 930 mhz with 128 mb of ram, 2 nics - one 
integrated intel pro 1000, the other a really old 3com 3c905b that i pulled out of an 
old junker computer that we were going to throw out.

i would like this gateway box to protect our webserver, our mysql server, and possibly 
another webserver. our webserver is a dual xeon dell poweredge 1650 with 2 gig of ram, 
it gets sometimes more than 100000 hits a day, and is hooked up to a t100 line.

will my little optiplex gateway box be able to keep up with a webserver that's this 
busy? i know i at least have to replace the 3com 3c905b card on it, as i'm pretty sure 
that that type of nic can't even handle a t100 connection. but - is the computer 
itself fast enough? also - does anyone have any recommendations for a good 4 port hub 
or switch for this particular purpose? right now i'm using an old netgear en 104tp, 
which is probably not ideal.

thanks again

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