I am trying to convert a ZTE pcmcia card .sys and .inf file to be used
with my IBM T60 notebook, but I hit a segfault in ndiscvt. There are
two problems infact:

1. ndisgen remains in a tight loop, telling me that my .INF file
format is invalid. Upon investigation, I see that there is a default
condition for this in the ndisgen program, so I am not sure how to
break out of it. It might be a bug, I need to investigate it more
before I file a PR for it.

2. I bypassed ndisgen as a result, and used ndiscvt directly instead,
but I get a segfault.
[EMAIL PROTECTED] /tmp/pcmcia]# ndiscvt -i ./oxser.inf -s ./oxser.sys

* Generated from ./oxser.inf and ./oxser.sys (49792 bytes)

Segmentation fault: 11 (core dumped)

Has anyone used ndis successfully? I would appreciate any tips for
this. That is my primary concern now, because I have to get the card
up _asap_.

Thanks in advance.

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