What, exactly, is the benefit to an ISP to wear such a feather?

Mainly marketing, if the ISP can handle hosting of freebsd.org, then
they obviously can handle hosting of most other things on the Internet.

Remember, the people that buy seriously large amounts of bandwidth
don't use television commercials to make decisions on providers.  They
use tools like whois to see who is hosting major sites then go talk to
those people.

It also isn't a bad thing to be the landlord if the provider happens to have
lot of FreeBSD in use themselves, I'm sure it helps get developer attention
problems rather quickly.  Have you ever seen a post from anyone at
Yahoo with a problem with one of their FreeBSD servers?

Marketing, yes, but you may be overstating your case. The bandwidth and power aren't free, and the ROI on the expense of providing that might not be enough. Plus, it's not just ISP's hosting servers, many are hosted by companies and colleges.

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