Hi All,
I've having a problem with a FreeBSD wireless link
connected to a Lucent AP500.
This link has Orinoco radio cards in both sides.
The problem is the wi0 interface in the FreeBSD-4.6-STABLE
box hangs suddenly for some minutes and starts working.
Some days it happens many times during the day.
When the link is working fine, the wicontrol output
show the relation quality/signal/noise: [ 35 85 50 ], but,
when the link is hand, such output is: [ 0 0 50 ].
If I reboot the machine at this moment, the FreeBSD box
starts up and everything works fine for sometime (about 1 ou 2
hours) more and it after that... it cames hanging the
wi0 interface.
Sometimes it stays some days without hang the interface, too.
Ok, This is the problem.
Talking with my wireless equipament syplier, he told me
that the wi interface of FreeBSD systems is too old and
works to WaveLAN devices, yet.
He told that I should either downgrade the radio card firmware
or to change the SO from FreeBSD to Linux with the driver
wavelan2cs or orinoco2cs.
My question is:
Can it be true?
Ronan Lucio

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