On Thu, 1 Feb 2007, Gorobets Igor wrote:

Hello. Share successes who has forced to work the given device.

I haven't had any success with the USB versions of any tuners, but I do have a 
Hauppage WinTV card which works perfectly fine with the bktr driver, and has a 
USB based cousin.

TV viewing software is still less than to be desired in FreeBSD (other than 
maybe MythTV, but I didn't want to install MySQL and blah), but it's not much 
worse than the Windows TV viewer from Hauppage. TVTime was the best standalone 
TV program I've come across right now, but since it uses Video4Linux, I'm sort 
of stuck using fxtv until either I or someone else ports TVTime to FreeBSD.

Read the bktr manpage for driver requirements in the kernel.


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